Junior High School Academics

Middle School Academics

Tennessee Virtual Academy (TNVA) believes in finding new ways of learning that work for all kinds of students. That’s why we use the K12 curriculum. It was created by an experienced team of educators using proven instructional approaches.

At the junior high school level, students take courses in the core subjects listed below. They also take self-guided electives in music and world languages.

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Jump-Start Your Future with Stride Career Prep

Students in grades 7-9 can discover their interests through Career Explorations courses. Grade-eligible students who successfully complete these electives will earn high school credit.

Career Clubs

Stride Career Prep students can enroll in career clubs, also called career technical service organizations (CTSOs). CTSOs give students with similar career interests the opportunity to connect, practice professional skills, work on service projects, take field trips, and compete against other schools at the local, state, and national levels. Stride Career Prep at TNVA offers this career club:

SkillsUSA Membership

With curriculum that covers 130 job categories and more than 600 national partners—businesses, trade associations, and unions—SkillsUSA gives students the opportunity to:

  • Practically apply what they learn in the classroom
  • Take courses in addition to those offered by the TNVA course catalog
  • Participate in academic competitions and community service activities
  • Connect with like-minded students who have similar career and academic interests
  • Earn scholarships offered exclusively through SkillsUSA

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